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-Fantastic new books are now in production, look to the gallery to preiew six new pieces of artwork by Nick Price.
-The trailer for the incredible new pilot is now available via YouTube... Click here to see it.  And look at the Doctor Snuggles Channel on YouTube for Doctor Snuggles clips (please subscribe to the channel and leave messages if you want to see more uploads.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Doctor Snuggles, this web site has been designed with you fans in mind. Here you find a whole host of snuggles information and entertainment. We've brought you comics and books from the land of Snuggles and provided realtime chat and bulletin board systems so you can talk with with other fans.

FAQ - (Frequently Answered Questions) is the place to go for the most common questions, it will continue to grow as fans pose more questions.
History - The history of the development and creation of Doctor Snuggles can be found here.
Creator - Information on the man himself, Jeffrey O'Kelly, including his Biography and a range of photos.
Characters - The definitive range of the perminent Doctor Snuggle cast.
Comics - Comics from Doctor Snuggle Past
Books - includes a never before seen publication, done specifically for the web, as well as other old favourites you have come to love.
Gallery  - Some of amazing never before seen illustrations.
Forum - Bulletin Board system for fans to leave messages for other to read and post their own answers
Shop - Videos can be bought here, we soon hope to be able to bring you more Snuggles merchandise.
Contact Us - details of how Jeffrey O'Kelly and others can be contacted

Doctor Snuggles

Doctor Snuggles is a cuddly little man, an incurable optimist who longs to make the world a better place. He lives in his quaint house at the edge of the wood. It could be anywhere in the whole wide world. Doctor Snuggles is an inventor. He invents a variety of wondrous contraptions in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Each invention is specially designed to help children, animals and all living things everywhere. His aims and dreams lead him in and out of many delightful adventures. Mostly things do not transpire exactly the way Doctor Snuggles has planned, but along the way he gets caught up in a world of new friends and happy happenings; brimful of magic, laughter and fantasy

Happy Days
Happy Landings